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Coalition Spotlight: ND-GAIN

This is a monthly feature that shines a light on the work of one of Opportunity Nation’s Coalition members. This month we’re highlighting ND-GAIN. What are guiding principles for your work? The University of Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative’s (ND-GAIN) mission is to enhance...

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Adaptation: Private vs. Public Good?

A ton of carbon emitted in California, has the same affect on climate as a ton emitted in West Virginia or China. Emissions from all sources and all countries determine concentrations of green house gases in the atmosphere and subsequent...

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Who To Engage

Who to Engage to Create High-Quality Adaptation Plans

The impacts of climate change – more frequent flooding, extreme heat waves, longer droughts, shifting disease vectors – have drastic consequences for multiple governmental sectors and departments. Yet, climate change has predominately been framed as an environmental issue…

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Linking data on climate vulnerability and human migration

Despite the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Accord, climate change is still one of the greatest challenges we face around the world. Therefore, it’s important we don’t overlook both the environmental and social consequences associated with...

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Cities don’t lag…they lead | Update on the UAA

ND-GAIN’s Urban Adaptation Assessment looks to pave the way for climate action The Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative (ND-GAIN) is excited to share updates regarding our ongoing urban work! While increasing extreme weather events are frightening and lives and livelihoods are at...

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Trump dumps the Paris Agreement...what now?

In the US, science and sustainability has had a rough year. We've seen alt-facts, skinny budgets, climate denying administrators, and now withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. As I said on Twitter yesterday and today, the most mind-boggling part of yesterday's...

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Thirsty Arguments For Water Woes

Meanwhile: Thirsty arguments for water woes

Israel took 70 years to solve its water problem; India won’t need that long. India’s weather pundits are starting to sweat over this year’s monsoon prospects and the country’s water equation. According to international water safety organisation Water Aid, India...

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It's imprudent for Trump to disagree with the Paris Agreement

President Trump and his administration have suggested that a prudent action would be to reverse the United States’ commitment to the Paris Agreement. This is not something that the United States should take lightly, neither should the President. The floods, droughts,...

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Adaptation: Something for Everyone

Outdoor adventures; fine wine; reading on the couch. The thread that ties these all together is the role they can play in adapting society to climate change. Adaptation goes far beyond preparing for sea level rise or other disasters and...

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Private Sector

Private sector’s wish-list for climate risk data

Funded by a two-year Partnership Development Grant from Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, McGill University-based Adaptation Tracking Collaborative gathers partners from Wageningen University, UCLA, and ND-GAIN to develop conceptual, methodological, and empirical approaches for tracking adaptation across scales....

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Matrix 2015

An Overview of the Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN)

ND-GAIN produces a tool that measures a number of aspects of a country’s vulnerability to climate change effects, and also its readiness to absorb investment that will help combat adverse effects.  The tool has a long time-series, which makes it...

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Alessandro 1

The new normal: facing climate change

For Cambodia, the El Niño that began in 2015 hit hard, causing a two-year drought that jeopardised the health, food security and finances of millions of people. According to the National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM), some 2.5 million people across 18...

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Something that Makes Sense: Adapting Communities

Words are confusing, often wrought with varying connotations and intangible ideas. But no matter what they’re called, floods and droughts are concrete events, which can be fought with concrete action. The New York Times article, “In America’s Heartland, Discussing Climate Change Without...

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