Enhancing Climate Adaptation and Disaster Resilience in Coastal Communities

Author: Hyun Kim

Enhancing Climate Adaptation and Disaster Resilience in Coastal Communities

Researchers from the Univeresity of Notre Dame, University of Wisconsin, University of Georgia and Ohio State University hope to examine coastal community resilience in the Gulf region. The research, “Enhancing climate adaptation and disaster resilience in coastal communities: Incorporating science-based role play simulations into food and health security” is intended to elaborate on the explicit links between community well-being, vulnerability and resilience to the threat from climate and environmental changes.

This project aims at better understanding how sustainable community development practices can increase resiliency and capacity in the Gulf coastal communities (in particular Baton Rouge and Gulfport-Biloxi areas). By applying community-based participatory research and community-based adaptation practices, the team would provide community members, policymakers or stakeholder groups with insights into processes of creating healthy, sustainable, and equitable and resilient coastal communities.

The research team has diverse expertise in community-based participatory research, health and food security, coastal community resilience, environmental planning, and local economic development. This project would investigate resources tied to community attributes, climate risk and environmental exposure, social vulnerability, and planning efforts and offer ways to implement strategies that increase social access and equity.

Please check back for more information on this research, which is contingent on funding.