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Cities don’t lag…they lead | Update on the UAA

ND-GAIN’s Urban Adaptation Assessment looks to pave the way for climate action The Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative (ND-GAIN) is excited to share updates regarding our ongoing urban work! While increasing extreme weather events are frightening and lives and livelihoods are at...

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Trump dumps the Paris Agreement...what now?

In the US, science and sustainability has had a rough year. We've seen alt-facts, skinny budgets, climate denying administrators, and now withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. As I said on Twitter yesterday and today, the most mind-boggling part of yesterday's...

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Thirsty Arguments For Water Woes

Meanwhile: Thirsty arguments for water woes

Israel took 70 years to solve its water problem; India won’t need that long. India’s weather pundits are starting to sweat over this year’s monsoon prospects and the country’s water equation. According to international water safety organisation Water Aid, India...

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