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Entrepreneurial Solutions for Adapting to Climate Change

ND students had the chance to enter the McCloskey Business Plan Competition with innovative approach to enhancing resilience and improving livelihoods in the face of climate change. Opportunity space:  Food security  Water access Coastal protection  Ecosystem services  Human habitats  Infrastructure resiliency…

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Entrepreneurial Adaptation Prize: SIREN

Q&A by Entrepreneurial Adaptation Prize Winner, Janaee Wallace Part of the McCloskey Business Plan Competition ($5,000 for the most innovative solution related to global adaptation) What is SIREN? SIREN stands for STEM Innovations through Research and Entrepreneurship Now. It is a...

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Interest in climate adaptation?

“Interest in climate adaptation?” I received an email with this subject line in the summer of 2013 from Managing Director Joyce Coffee. Though I considered myself literate in climate change issues at the time, I had to look up exactly...

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Keys to help poor countries adapt to climate change

By analyzing 25 years of data, the University of Notre Dame in Indiana developed a Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN) that ranks 192 nations annually on their readiness to face a warming world. The index takes into account risks increased by climate change, including food insecurity,...

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