Entrepreneurial Solutions for Adapting to Climate Change

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Entrepreneurial Solutions for Adapting to Climate Change

ND students had the chance to enter the McCloskey Business Plan Competition with innovative approach to enhancing resilience and improving livelihoods in the face of climate change.

Opportunity space: 

  • Food security 
  • Water access
  • Coastal protection 
  • Ecosystem services 
  • Human habitats 
  • Infrastructure resiliency

Win the first-ever global prize for the best climate adaptation business plan! 

Ideas Challenge: $100 cash prizes for top 60 second business pitches. Climate Adaptation Innovation Winners include: 

  • Undergraduate Business Student, Sean Brown for his idea of "apps connecting patients in remote areas to medical counsel"
  • MBA Student, Robert Kuang for his idea of "infrastructure & building project crowd funding from non-traditional investor" 
  • Undergraduate Business Student, Najmeddine Harrabi for his idea of "innovation summer camps throughout the Middle East to assist with under and unemployment"
  • EMBA Student, Nash Simeunovic for his idea of "bridging the gap between people and healthcare professionals through social media and apps in Haiti"

McCloskey Business Plan Competition: ND-GAIN awarded the Entrepreneurial Adaptation Prize of $5,000 for the most innovative solution related to global adaptation to S.I.R.E.N. This company uses marine aquaponics technology t

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o sell fresh, sustainably grown species of fish and vegetables.