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Uaa Progess

Urban Adaptation Assessment Progress - June 2015

Prolonged drought, excessive heat, extreme weather… these are just a few of the hazards facing the global community in response to climate change. The ND-GAIN Country Indexprovides a means to view a country's vulnerability and their readiness to successfully implement...

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Cities in Emerging Markets as Investment Meccas

I enjoyed great conversations last week with delegates and speakers from around the world at the first Chicago Forum on Global Cities, held in partnership with the Financial Times, and I hope it becomes an annual event. I drew three key...

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Shifts in thinking in our unbalanced world

At the World Bank’s recent Financing Urban Resilience Workshop, I grasped three clear trends – indeed, shifts – occurring that are changing how adaptation leaders and others are managing an unbalanced world. (The workshop was led by Stephen Hammer, Lead...

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ND-GAIN connects on climate adaptation at regional conferences

              Members of the ND-GAIN team recently attended the European Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark as well as the North American National Adaptation Forum (NAF) in St. Louis, Missouri. The team members took an active role...

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