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Adaptation as a costly endeavor

Just found this blog post by Joe Romm, and it seems very interesting.  I hope to write on this idea sometime in the near future as related to adaptation for nature/wildlife.  In the meantime, I suggest checking it out: Real...

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Climate change adaptation: interdisciplinarity on steroids

I am at the Steve Schneider memorial symposium and am tweeting about a number of very interesting talks. In putting my own talk together, “Integrative climate science for this century: in training and practice,” I've been thinking about interdisciplinarity and...

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The value of dystopia

I've been spending some time recently with colleagues in English and Sociology (John Sitter and Andy Weigert). We are creating a minor in sustainability--an entirely new entity for my university--and a new introductory course for students in this field. We're...

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