Ways to Use the UAA

  • Sample City Report
    This report reflects a vulnerability analysis for Fort Lauderdale, FL and is developed utilizing data from the UAA tool and an in-depth interview with Fort Lauderdale’s sustainability officer.

  • Determining the Return on Investing in Adaptive Strategies
    See how a city sustainability officer can identify which climate hazards post the highest risk to their city, and evaluate whether adaptation strategies for that risk would be a good investment.

  • Bringing Future Cost Data to a Community Debate
    Many community leaders are concerned about the risk of flooding in their cities. Learn how one could use the UAA to explore the cost and probability of flooding, to help in advocating for adaptation strategies.

  • Making the Case for Where to Invest
    Climate hazards do not pose the same risk equally within a city. See how a city councilor can use the UAA to study how risks are distributed, to determine if their district shows the greatest vulnerability and need for adaptation investments.