Build a Data-Based Report

The UAA provides access to raw and visualized data. Make sure to take full advantage by reviewing and downloading the following. Build these data and graphics into a report when communicating urban adaptation efforts in your city.

City Profile Data

  1. Description: Excel (.csv) spreadsheets including all raw data upon which your UAA city profile built.
  2. Purpose: Obtain raw data, exact probabilities, demographic and other hazard data that characterize your city.
  3. Access Instructions: Click the green “Download Data” link at the top right of the city profile page.

Sub-City (Neighborhood) Data

  1. Description: Visual representation of selected Built Environment and Social Vulnerability characteristics for each risk that faces a city.
  2. Purpose: Determine where adaptation effort in a city might be focused in particular neighborhoods.
  3. Access Instructions: Take screenshots of a map to capture it and include it in reports, communications and presentations.

City Matrix Data

  1. Description: Visualization of overall risk and readiness scores for all cities in the UAA.
  2. Purpose: Allows for direct comparison of risk and readiness scores between peer and neighboring cities. Ultimately may lead to discussion about adaptation efforts with other communities.
  3. Access Instructions: To export the matrix, click the menu icon at the top right corner of the matrix. Print it or download it in a number of file formats.

Power Point Presentation

  1. Description: A customizable PowerPoint presentation file on the topic of “Urban Adaptation in Our City: Using the ND-GAIN Urban Adaptation Assessment in Our City”.
  2. Purpose: Quickly build a presentation to communicate your findings and suggested actions to others.
  3. Access Instructions: Download the presentation slides and customize as needed. Each slide has a short note to the Presenter to guide the customizations and presentation.