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As an open data source, ND-GAIN is used in a variety of applications - from governmental and NGO reports to scholarly research. Explore uses of ND-GAIN data in the Applications section below. Also learn more about additional ND-ECI climate adaptation research!

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Collaboration with Catholic Relief Services

CRS and ND-GAIN share a vision of service to justice that addresses the needs of the most vulnerable



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Adaptation and poverty reduction in Mozambique

Article uses Mozambique to show how developing countries can address climate change and poverty reduction simultaneously

Adaptive Capacity and Resilience to Inland Flood Risks

ND-GAIN working paper that explores the importance of temporal matches, spatial differentials, and impulse-response dynamics

Africa Growth & Vulnerability: Consequence of Chinese Investment

Study used metrics in ND-GAIN, and China aid data to test if Chinese investments lead to socio-economic gains in Africa

Big data has big potential for applications to climate change adaptation

Collaborative PNSA paper examines how “big data” can inform adaptation research and decision-making

Caring for Climate

ND-GAIN collaborated with the UNFCCC, UN Global Compact and UN Environment Programme on their Caring for Climate Initiative

Climate Change, Adaptation, and Agricultural Output

ND-GAIN working paper that develops a model of the relationship between climate change induced extreme weather disasters and agricultural output

Climate Investment Fund

ND-GAIN indicators were used by the CIF sub-committee responsible for overseeing the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience

Climate Vulnerability and Human Migration in Global Perspective

Publication uses ND-GAIN Country Index to examine the relationship between migration and climate-change risk

Coastal Homeowner Adaptation to a Changing Climate

ND-GAIN funded study aims to better understand risk awareness, risk reduction, and resilience in coastal communities

Catholic Relief Services

CRS and ND-GAIN share a vision of service to justice that addresses the needs of the most vulnerable

Impact Evaluations in Mozambique

ND-GAIN worked to assess the impacts of early-warning systems for climate-related disasters in Mozambique

Enabling Global Food Security

ND-GAIN working paper explores climate change, vulnerability, and agricultural adaptation and readiness

Global assessment of adaptation investment from the perspectives of equity and efficiency

Collaborative paper examines the roles of vulnerability and readiness in shaping adaptation investment decisions

Green Climate Fund

Green Climate Fund used ND-GAIN to evaluate the global concentration of poverty

Infrastructure Analysis for U.S. Government

ND-GAIN provided the U.S. Government with a comparison of Infrastructure vulnerability trends for the US, Canada and Mexico

Measuring the adaptation gap

ND-GAIN article offers a framework for evaluating climate hazards and opportunities in urban areas

Networked Coastal Resilience

ND-GAIN working paper that evaluates flood risk mitigation, effective coordinated planning, and climate change adaptation

Overseas Development Institute

ODI used ND-GAIN in its evaluation of international development climate finance

Quality of National Adaptation Plans and Opportunities for Improvement

ND-GAIN paper that analyzes 38 national adaptation plans using plan quality evaluation methods and explores national characteristics that are associated with plans

Relative Resilience Around the Globe

ND-GAIN data show it will take over 100 years for lower income countries to reach the resiliency of richer countries

Rescaling Social Dynamics in Climate Change

ND-GAIN working paper that examines the implications of cumulative exposure, climate justice, and community resilience

SME Business Resiliency and Local Adaptation Data

ND-GAIN completed the Mexico-based Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Resilience Project to heightened adaptation awareness

Standard & Poors

S&P evaluated financial risk in 119 countries around the world using ND-GAIN data

State of Corporate Adaptation Survey

ND-GAIN and Four Twenty Seven lead report to generate insights into whether and how enterprises are preparing for the physical impacts of climate change

The Economist

ND-GAIN data is integrated to track the impact of climate exposure and climate sensitivity on food security

Tracking Global Climate Change Adaptation

Collaborative working paper provides an overview of the grand challenges of adaptation tracking and proposes a comprehensive framework

Training Students

ND-GAIN supports courses and curricula that integrate the topic of climate change adaptation

UNEP Adaptation Gap Report

Chapter presents and discusses options for defining and measuring an adaptation gap

Vulnerability of Urban Population to multiple climate hazard

ND-GAIN working paper prepares a literature review for the Urban Adaptation Assessment

Water Scarcity, Climate Adaptation, and Armed Conflict

ND-GAIN working paper that investigates the dynamic relationships between climate change and conflict from the spatial-temporal dimensions

World Economic Forum

ND-GAIN led research for the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Climate Change report