Solomon Islands coping better with climate change

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Solomon Islands is among ten countries around the world which have made marked progress in their ability to cope with climate change.

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The University of Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index uses 46 indicators to measure climate change risks to 180 countries.

It also measures how ready countries are to accept investment that could help them cope with more extreme weather and rising seas.

Solomon Islands stands alongside Malaysia, Rwanda, the Philippines, Poland and several other countries which have improved significantly in their ability to cope.

The researchers attributed their success to economic gains and development improvements such as boosting access to reliable drinking water and sanitation, strengthening agriculture, and lowering slum populations and child malnutrition.

ND-GAIN's managing director, Joyce Coffee, says the index is intended to help leaders prioritise investments to help countries adapt better, and ensure the most vulnerable are not forgotten.

Syria, Libya and Yemen are among countries whose standing has deteriorated the most.

The index found contributing factors to their falling scores are increases in political instability, violence, corruption and poor rule of law.