ND-GAIN Prize Winners 2015

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ND-GAIN Prize Winners 2015

This year's winners are DADTCO and AECOM & IBM!

The winners were honored at an event in connection with Climate Week NYC and the United Nations Sustainability Summit. View brochure of 2015 ND-GAIN Prize Winners

DADTCO | Mobile Cassava Starch Plant

DADTCO, a cassava processing company, for developing a Mobile Cassava Starch Plant for processing fresh cassava close to smallholder farmers instead of transporting the highly perishable roots over long distances to a central factory. The technology unlocks the opportunity for cassava, a major food crop in Africa, to replace expensive imported cereals and boost the national economy. Cassava farming is adaptable to extreme weather events and buffers changes in global grain price changes.

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AECOM & IBM | Disaster Resilience Scorecard

Engineering leader AECOM and technology giant IBM, for developing a Disaster Resilience Scorecard to help communities understand, communicate and put into effect actions to reduce disaster risk and accelerate recovery from disasters. The scorecard supports the United Nation’s efforts to manage and reduce disasters by bringing together expertise and resources from the public and private sectors.

2015 Winners 2

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Corporations & Climate Adaptation: Innovation in Emerging Economies | CAP 2015

Panel discussion during 2015 Corporate Adapation Prize Event at NYC Climate Week:

• Joyce Coffee, Managing Director, ND Global Adaptation Index
• Rick Saines, Partner & Head of North America Climate Change & Environmental Markets Practice, Baker & McKenzie

Presentation of ND-GAIN Corporate Adaptation Prize Winners:
• DADTCO, Mobile Cassava Starch Plant
• AECOM & IBM, Disaster Resilience Scorecard

Panel Discussion:
• Nick Shufro, Director, AR!SE & Sustainable Business Solutions, PwC
• Aman Singh, Vice President, Business + Social Purpose, Edelman
• Peter Mulvaney, Senior Manager, West Monroe Partners
• Renske Franken, Enterprise Development, DADTCO
• Dale Sands, Senior Vice President & Global Environmental Practice Leader, AECOM
• Peter Williams, Chief Technology Officer, Big Green Innovations, IBM

Link to video here.