GAIN Index makes new home at Notre Dame

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Notre Dame will be the new home of The GAIN Index, now becoming ND-GAIN. The formal announcement was made April 18 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Global Adaptation Institute (GAIN) and Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative (ND-ECI) leadership participated in the event.  

Dr. Juan José Daboub, GAIN Founding CEO, stated that “in a fast changing world, where urbanization, economic growth, population shifts and the effects of climate change are creating additional challenges for people, Notre Dame is positioning itself in the global state as a major playing in saving lives and improving livelihoods.” 

“I will be responsible for bringing student and faculty research to bear on the ND-GAIN Index—to help build and improve it—and for bringing the Index to bear on activities at Notre Dame,” said Notre Dame Professor Jessica Hellmann. “I hope to use ND-GAIN to increase the profile and social relevance of our University’s world-class research on climate change.” Hellmann is a leading climate expert and director of the Climate Adaption Program at Notre Dame.