Denmark among the best prepared on climate change

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 Denmark among the best prepared on climate change


Flooding, drought, food shortages, water scarcity, climate refugees and melting ice caps.

A new report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel brings dire predictions about climate change - and a number of countries are already in full swing to prepare for the consequences of climate change.

But who is best prepared for climate change? And who is most vulnerable?

The researchers from the American University of Norte Dame just published a ranking of. And here lies Denmark in the top five among the 192 countries.

"The low score of vulnerability and a high score of preparedness puts Denmark in the lower right quadrant of the ND GAIN Matrix (rankings, ed.). There are still challenges in terms of adaptation (to climate change, ed.), But Denmark is well positioned to adapt. Denmark is the 14th least vulnerable country and the most prepared country, "writes University of Norte Dame on their ranking.

Globally, Denmark ranked fifth on the list, only surpassed by Finland (4th place), Sweden (3rd place, New Zealand (2nd place) and Norway (1st place).

The ranking ND GAIN Index is published since 1995 and writes about himself that "we continuously monitors and analyzes 45 indicators for 192 countries to assess the vulnerability related to climate change and readiness for improvement."