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气候变化往哪儿跑 全球最安全地区排行榜

Originally published at Climate change experts have released maps of the world revealing how prepared different countries are to cope with the effects of climate change。   最近,气候变化专家发布了一张气候地图,该图显示了全球不同国家对气候变化的应对情况。 全球气候变化应对地图   In the maps, 192 countries are ranked by their ‘vulnerability’ and ‘readiness’,...

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The Nations Most Likely to Survive Climate Change, Mapped

Last year, researchers at Notre Dame attempted to determine ​which nations were best equipped to survive climate change—to endure the higher tides, warmer temps, and declining crop yields—and which were poised to falter. Their Global Adaptation Index (GAIN) pegged Norway as the nation most likely...

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Countries Most Likely To Survive Climate Change

Countries Most Likely To Survive Climate Change   The map below shows the countries most at risk from climate change as well as the countries least at risk and therefore most likely to survive climate change. The data, published by...

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