Amir Siraj

Dr. Amir Siraj's research focuses on the environmental drivers of vector-borne infections and how they influence patters of infectious disease.  Amir became interested in the field after having worked in regions of his native Ethiopia where epidemic malaria claims the lives of thousands of children and adults following seasonal and inter-annual climatic patterns.  After working with the World Health Organization and other United Nations agencies in Ethiopia, Amir joined Columbia University's Climate and Society program in 2008 to pursue his postgraduate studies.  His Ph.D. thesis was on climate driven changes to malaria transmission patterns in Ethiopian Highlands, where he analyzed the spatial and temporal drivers of malaria transmission with implications on impacts under climate change.  

Dr. Siraj joins ND-ECI performing research related to ND-GAIN under the mentorship of Dr. Alex Perkins and Dr. Patrick Regan.